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Meet the Friendly Staff



Mary Jane (MJ)- Lead Clinical Assistant

MJ is Shalimar’s ball of fire! If she isn’t cleaning the office, she’s organizing it. MJ has the “go-getter” mentality and is always willing to help you. MJ has been a valuable part of Shalimar Family Dentistry for over 25 years. When MJ isn’t working, she loves to cook healthy meals, do Yoga, and bake. MJ is always there, with a smile, when you need help. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is happy and laughing. Ask her to tell you a joke, I guarantee you will laugh! 


Karen - Dental Hygienist

Karen has been with Shalimar for over 10 years. When she isn’t making you smile, she is dedicated to making sure she can do everything she can to make you at ease. Not only is she a wonderful hygienist, but she is also extremely easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. When Karen isn’t hard at work, she is jet-setting around the world. Nothing makes Karen happier than her playing with her beautiful grandchildren.  Karen loves to make sure your visit with us is easy and fun.


Arianna - Dental Hygienist

Arianna is the most warmhearted person you will meet! She is extremely compassionate and caring towards your needs. Arianna will do whatever it takes to ensure a comfortable visit, and answer any question you may have. She is always happy and has a very contagious laugh!  When she isn’t working, she enjoys traveling to Canada, and San Francisco to visit her family and friends. 

Lacee - Dental Hygienist

​​Lacee is the newest member of our hygiene team.If you are lucky enough to have Lacee as your hygienist, you are sure to be pleased with her gentle touch and kind heart.  When Lacee isn't working, she and her husband can be found chasing after their four beautiful children and having a great time. 

Karen - Operations Coordinator

Karen’s smile is as big as her hair. You immediately feel like a long lost friend of hers when you walk into the office. You can consider Karen as our ‘office liaison’. When she isn’t making sure the office is running smoothly and wonderfully, she is at home taking care of her 2 sons and 3 dogs!  You could say she has her hands full! If you ever have any questions, Karen is the lady to go to! She is extremely knowledgeable and loves sharing her dental knowledge with our patients. 

Cassie - Patient Care Coordinator

Cassie is not just another pretty face, she is the jack of all trades in the office. Cassie has the memory of an elephant... As soon as you walk through the door, she will greet you by name and with a smile…she will probably even remember,what you wore last time you were in as well! When Cassie isn’t working, she's travelling around the world or can be found at the dog park with her Blue Heeler Nigel. Good luck catching Cassie without a smile! You will always find that she is happy, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable in our office.  


Lillie - Financial Coordinator

Lille is as witty as they come! She is always cracking jokes, and making sure everyone is laughing along with her. Not only is she our financial guru, but we would say she is also the office “glue”. She keeps all of us on our toes working hard and working together as a team…and of course, laughing together as a team. Lillie is dedicated to making sure every patient that walks through the door has the most amazing experience they can have. She is always ready to answer any question you may have. Lillie has over 15 years of dental experience, and is knowledgeable in every dental subject you can think of.  

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